It's a brand new style since january '20: artworks made with acrylics. Dark backgrounds and animals in form of photorealism. Here, you find categories such as horses, wildlife, ranging from the European forest to the African savannah and tropical jungle, birds, pets and farm animals, like sheep and cattle.

The acrylic style is inspired by the Old Masters of the past, such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Carvaggio, who were excellent artists in case of working with contrast and light, better known as chiaroscuro

The acrylic style is 'the big brother' of Watercolor, because of the bigger sizes and higher detailing. The prices for acrylic artworks are higher than the ones presented by watercolor paintings. These works are created on wooden panels and can be send framed.

Minimum size: 60×60 cm | 50×70 cm

Maximum size: 122×122 cm

Do you have a question about sizes or prices? Or, would you like a commissioned artwork? Please, send me a message and I will give you a respons A.S.A.P.



Oisterwijk, Noord-Brabant 

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