Going on an African safari while your sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, seeing African wildlife on your device. Welcome to the world of The Lion King, where big cats, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, zebra's, giraffes and birds live together in a delicate balance. From the nothern and southern desert to the tropical rainforest from Congo-Kinshasa to the Serengeti savannah in Kenya & Tanzania. Do you want to bring Africa into your home? Discover here your favourite African wildlife paintings.

Op Afrikaanse safari, rustig koekeloerend naar Afrikaanse, wilde dieren vanaf je comfortabele bank en een goede kop thee. Welkom in de wereld van de Lion King, waar katachtigen, olifanten, antilopen, buffels, zebra's, giraffen en vogelsoorten harmonieus samenleven. Van de noordelijke en zuidelijke woestijn tot het regenwoud van Congo-Kinshasa tot de Serengeti savanne in Kenia & Tanzania. Wil je Afrika ook in jouw interieur brengen? Ontdek hier jouw favoriete, Afrikaanse dierenschilderijen.

Here, you see all of the original paintings. 

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Sim - South African Giraffe 105×75 cm | €1950 * Reproduction giclée From €185 The South African giraffe is one of the nine subspecies of giraffe and is native to the Kalahari desert and countries like northern South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and also introduced to Swaziland. This type is known for its beige colour with dark, kind of round patches with star-like extensions. This herbivore loves fruits, leaves and plants like the Acacia. Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Mouse - African Bush Elephant 105×75 cm | €2200 * Reproduction giclée From €185 The African Bush elephant is the largest elephant specie, living on the savanna grasslands of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Angola. Famous for this specie are the large ears, tusks and brown-grey skin. Nowadays, the Bush elephant is very threatened by poachers because of the tusks. Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Jules - Grévy's Zebra Foal 75×105 cm | SOLD * Reproduction giclée From €185 The Grévy's zebra is the largest and one of the subspecies of zebra and is found in Kenya & Ethiopia on the semi-ared grasslands, like the savannah. The narrow stripes are typical for this type. This zebra is named after the French president Jules Grévy, who received one as a present in 1882. Conservation Status: Endangered

Mufasa - African Lion 75×105 | €2500 *Reproduction giclée From €185 The African lion is one of the most famous animals of Africa, belonging to the Big Five, and lives in open savannah areas. It's anatomical very similar to the tiger, only males have large, brown-black manes, as well as shorter bodyhair. The lion is only 'cat' who doesn't have a solitary life; these predators live and hunt in a pack. This lion is based on Mufasa from Disney's The Lion King. Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Zazu – Eastern Yellow-Billed Hornbill 56×42 cm | €580 * Reproduction giclée From €110 The Eastern Yellow-Billed Hornbill is an African bird native to countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. Characteristic are the black-and-white feathers and orange-yellow beak. It mostly consumes arthropods, such as beetles and termites. This specie is also the famous bird of Disney’s The Lion King, representing Zazu. Conservation Status: Least Concern

Michiels Greater Kudu - Female 56×76 cm | €950 * Reproduction giclée From €135 The Greater Kudu is one of the biggest antelopes with a brown-grey colour, as well as white stripes, living in southern and eastern Africa, from Ethiopia to South Africa. While the males have horns, females are -mostly- hornless. It is an inhabitant of the savannah and scrub woodlands. Photocredits @ Michiel Van Walsem. Conservation Status: Least Concern

Shenzi - African Wild Dog 42×56 cm | €610 * Reproduction giclée From €110 The African Wild Dog is native to the Sub-Saharan area of Africa and famous for its three-coloured coat. It's a social type of carnivore and lives in a pack, just like wolves, mostly on the savanna and grasslands. Because of human actions, the number of wild dogs decreased enormously. Conservation Status: Endangered

Grévy's Zebra Foal - Interior Context

Chapman's Zebra's .1 42×56 cm | € 490 The Chapman's Zebra is closely related to the Plains zebra and lives in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. The stripes are mostly black, combined with some brown: at the beginning of the legs, the stripes are getting smaller. The Chapman is named after discoverer James Chapman. Conservation Status: Endangered

African Hoopoe .1 36×48 cm | € 350 The African Hoopoe bird is a subspecie of the hoopoe bird, named after his typical 'hoop-oop' call. It inhabits broadleaf forests and savannah, found in many African countries, ranging from South Africa to Saudi Arabia. Conservation Status: Least Concern


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