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Your own horse, dog, pet or favourite specie: your animal can be painted! Here, you can go for a custom painting, especially created by DEAU with your personal wishes...

'A custom artwork: What can be painted?'

DEAU can paint almost all animal wishes, such as horses, dogs, pets and exotic species. However, the custom painting must fit within the guidelines of the brand: a commission can be rejected. Think of inappropriate or extreme compositions.

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Note: Only realistic animals will be accepted for commissions. Human portraits, landscapes, abstract subjects, etc. will be rejected. Thank you for understanding!

'Which art styles are options for a commissioned painting?'

Studies Black-and-white

The Studies Black-and-white are inspired by the ancient animal drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. These artworks of DEAU are 'natural', but less detailed than the figurative style of photorealism. It's a modern, minimalistic and playful style with main colours as black and white, complemented with a supporting colour, like the eyes. This option is lower in price than the photorealistic style.

Photorealism in colour

The style of photorealism in colour shows animals in their natural version, like their natural coat colour, light and shadow, but also natural details, like the structure of the coat or gradient. This option is the most detailed version and is known for the anatomical correctness. It's traditional and has more working hours. This modern-classic fine art style is higher in price than the Black-and-white collection.


The animal illustrations are the most 'simple' artworks, mainly popular because of the modern yet classic looks. These clean paintings or sketches are the perfect match for every type of interior: from rustic to modern to the nursery. The illustrations come in sizes up to 30×30 cm to keep the charm of small artworks. This style can be made in colour or black and white.

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'Which prices and sizes are used for custom paintings?'

Here, you find a list of prices and sizes, used for commissioned paintings. To be sure that the client is serious, a deposit is requested: this is 20 percent of the total price of the painting (shipping costs excluded)


When buying a piece, you don't buy 'just an artwork' made in several days. You buy more than decades of dedication, experiences and exercises, years of frustration and euphoric moments when you -as an artist- finally reach the result you were looking for: that is the real time for creating an artwork, not the amount of working hours...

A handmade piece that lasts a lifetime

'What is the estimated delivery time for a commissioned artwork?'

The estimated delivery time is several weeks, depending on how busy it is / the size of the artwork. Small custom paintings will be completed sooner: large paintings have a longer production time. If the painting is ready, it will be shipped as soon as possible, with all the securely care that it needs. When the package has been shipped, you will receive a Track&Trace number.

'What are the shipping costs?'

The shipping costs differ per size, as well as the country of destination. Packages smaller than 70×100 cm will be sent with regular post and will arrive within several working days. Orders above 70×100 cm will be seen as ‘cargo / XL post’ and have higher shipping costs. Most of the time, these packages are higher in value. Each package will be sent with a matching insurance, as well as a Track&Trace number.


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'Can a custom painting be shipped with a frame?'

Yes, in principle it is possible to send a custom artwork with a frame. However, sending an artwork included frame is always a risk: the glass can break during transport, even if it is well packed. How bigger the artwork, the higher risk of damage. The risk is therefore for the buyer, although the package will be as securely packed as possible.

Unlike the giclée prints, almost all original works up to 56×76 cm paper size can be send framed. Please, keep in mind that artworks from 56×76 cm will have higher shipping costs because now, this size will be considered as 'cargo / XL'. Would you like to know the exact shipping costs, looking at the size and country of destination? Please, send a message to I will help you from here!

Paper sizes with a size of 75×105 cm will only be sent with a passe-partout.


'And, without a frame: What do I receive?'

If you buy an original painting of DEAU without a frame, you will receive -as a present- a passe-partout: this is an extra border around the artwork. In this case, you only have to buy a frame to make the painting ready for hanging.

'Ok. I want a custom painting: How do I get that?'

Yes, that sounds good to me! To get a custom painting, please send a message to Describe your wishes, your favourite size and which animal you want to be painted. Add a picture (for now, that can be any picture) so I can see what your wishes are. You will receive a respons as soon as possible with further information, such as the compostion and other neccessary details.

Do you have any questions about this? Please, send a message to

You will receive a respons as soon as possible.

Payment & Certificate of Authenticity

A custom painting can be paid through PayPal or a direct bank transfer. You will receive a mail with more information. To be sure the client is serious, a deposit is requested:

this is 20 percent of the total price (shipping costs excluded).

The artwork will be shipped after the full payment is done. Thank you for understanding!

When receiving the package, you will, besides the invoice, get a Certificate of Authenticity: this is a piece of evidence that the artwork comes directly from the artist.

Real versus art

Please, always keep in mind that an artwork can be a little bit different from the real image, like the photo. However the painting will be painted as accurate as possible, there can always be a small difference. Thank you for understanding!