In the jungle, the mighty jungle… Welcome to the Asian jungle and Amazon rainforest: a magical and tropical world we have been curious about for centuries. While the jaguar, tiger and leopard are hunting, tropical birds form the flamboyant orchestra as mysterious musicians of these magical, tropical forests. And, what about grazing mammals like buffaloes, deer and antelopes or other tropical creatures? In this jungle wildlife collection, you can find the famous characters of Disney’s Jungle Book and many, many more. Are you fond of Asian wildlife, such as the Bengal tiger, or perhaps the toucan from Brazil? Find you favourite here on these Asian and Amazon wildlife paintings!

In the jungle, de mighty jungle... Welkom in de wereld van de Aziatische jungle en het Amazoneregenwoud: een wereld waar we al eeuwenlang benieuwd naar zijn en met de tijd blijft verwonderen. Waar de jaguar, tijger en luipaard op jacht gaan, vormen de tropische vogels, de mysterieuze muzikanten van het bos, een flamboyant orkest. En, wat te denken van grazende dieren als buffels, herten, antilopen of andere tropische wezens? In deze collectie van jungledieren vind je alle bekende figuren van Disney's Jungle Book en vele anderen. Houd je van jungledieren, zoals de Bengaalse tijger, of misschien wel een Braziliaanse toekan? Vind jouw favoriet in deze collectie van de Amazone en Aziatische dierenschilderijen

Here, you see all of the original paintings. 

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'Radja' the Bengal Tiger 75×105 cm | SOLD * Reproduction giclée From €160 The Bengal Tiger is native to the Indian Subcontinent, living in (sub)tropical (dry) forests, evergreen forests and mangroves of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Buthan. This animal can reach the body size of 320 cm and is the second largest tiger specie. The name 'Radja' is short for 'Maharadja', Sanskrit for 'Great King'. Conservation status: Endangered

'Radja' Bengal Tiger - Interior Context

'Sluiper' - Jaguar 105×75 cm | €1100 * Reproduction giclée From €160 The jaguar lives in the Amazon rainforests of Central and South America, such as Brazil, and looks like a leopard, but is heavier in body size. The round pupils allow the jaguar to see very well during twilight, as well as its soft foot pads to sneak with. Conservation status: Near Threatened

Jaguar - Interior Context

'The Emperor' - Indochinese Tiger 75×105 cm | €950 * Reproduction giclée From €160 The Indochinese Tiger lives in the tropical rainforest and evergreen forests of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and southwestern China. The male can have a body size between 255-285 cm, which makes him, the stripes included, smaller than the Bengal Tiger. Conservation status: Endangered


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