When buying a painting of DEAU, you accept the Terms & Conditions of Customer Care.  More information? Find your answers here.

'I want to order an original painting. How do I do that?'

Good to know you’re interested! You can order an original painting by sending an e-mail to info@deaudesign.com. Mention the name as already described. Of course you will receive a response as soon as possible included an image of your desired painting: now you can be sure that you will receive the correct item. An original painting can be paid through PayPal or a direct bank transfer.

'I want to go for a pre-order. How do I do that?'

When going for a pre-order, you buy a painting that is still in progress. Shipment for this kind of work will be a bit longer than already completed paintings, because it isn’t finished yet. Whenever the painting is done, it will be sent to your home as soon as possible. You can order a pre-order by sending a message to info@deaudesign.com.

'I want a custom painting. How do I do that?'

Personal artworks are never a bad idea! You can order a custom painting by sending a message to info@deaudesign.com. A commissioned painting can be paid through PayPal or a direct bank transfer. To be sure a client is serious, a deposit is requested: this is 20 percent of the total price of the artwork (excluded shipping costs).

Note: only realistic animals will be painted. Other themes, such as abstract objects, human portraits, landscapes, etc. will not be accepted. Thank you for understanding! For more information about commissions, such as prices and sizes, click here.

'How can I order a giclée print?'

A giclée print is a limited edition reproduction of an original painting. Because it’s a reproduction, the price is lower than the original. A giclée print will be, as well as the original, delivered on high quality and durable papier: The surface allows you to see each and every painted detail that you would expect from the original. You can order your giclée print directly in the Art Shop. The order can be paid through PayPal and iDEAL.

'When will my package be shipped?'

Every order will be shipped as soon as possible with a matching insurance, included a Track&Trace number. The packages needs your signature by arrival.

Whenever you will receive the package, depends on the type of artwork:

Original / existing paintings: these paintings will be shipped within 2-5 working days. The total amount of shipping days partly depends on the country of destination, although the package will be shipped with the fastest delivery option. Please allow a few more days after shipment.


Commissioned paintings: Your work will be created in a few weeks or months. After the artwork is completed, it will be shipped -with the right insurance- to your home. You will receive a personal message with the estimated time of production and shipping.


Giclée prints: Giclée prints will be printed in London by order. The prints will arrive within a couple of days in The Netherlands. After this receipt the prints will be sent within 1-3 days to your home. Please allow a few more additional shipping days inside and outside The Netherlands after shipment. You can follow your package with Track&Trace.

'What are the shipping costs?'

DEAU ships worldwide. The shipping costs may vary due the result of different type of packages, as well as the total size, the value and country of destination.


You can find your shipping costs here.


DEAU tries to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, included a matching insurance. Where large original paintings can be shipped by cargo post, giclée prints will always be shipped by regular mail. 

Note: DEAU is not responsible for possible import duties or taxes when shipping abroad. 

Payment & Certificate

The paintings of DEAU can be paid with several options. Original paintings, as well as custom artworks, can be paid by PayPal or a direct bank transfer. Giclée prints can be paid by PayPal or iDEAL, directly in the Art Shop. Every artwork comes with an invoice and Certificate of Authenticity: this is a piece of evidence that your order comes directly from the artist.

Note: an artwork will be shipped after the payment is done.

'What is the return policy?'

Because prints and paintings are sensitive to damage and therefore be packed as firmly as possible, they cannot be returned after. Is there something wrong, then the item is already unusable. Has your order been damaged during transport? Please send a message to info@deaudesign.com: an appropriate solution will be sought as soon as possible.

The package includes...

When you order a painting or print, you will receive:

- The painting / print

- A passe-partout   *original artworks only

- Invoice

- Certificate of Authenticity​

A small gift to you...

All original paintings will be delivered with a passe-partout: a small gift from DEAU to you. A passe-partout is an extra border around the artwork.

'Can my artwork be sent with a frame?'

In principle, the artwork can be shipped with a frame. The price for a frame is excluded and will be added to the total price (artwork + shipment + frame). The risk of sending an artwork with a frame, as well as the glass, is for the buyer. Thank you for understanding!

Note: frames for a paper size of 75×105 cm will only be shipped within The Netherlands.

Abroad, a maximum paper size of 50×70 centimeters, plus passe-partout, can be sent framed.
The  56×76 and 75×105 cm size will only be sent with a passe-partout.

All artworks will be packed securely as possible and sent with a matchting insurance. More information about frames, prices or something else? Please, send a message to info@deaudesign.com.

Prices & Sizes

More information about prices, sizes or something else? Please, check this page or send a message to info@deaudesign.om

For any questions, feel free to send a message!


Thank you for your message!