The collection of Portraits exists of all kinds of animal species, ranging from birds to wildlife to companion animals, like horses and dogs.  The artworks are painted in a modern vintage art style, inspired by artists from the 18th and 19th century, famous for their antique prints, often found in books like encyclopedias. For that reason, I want to give the painting also a more educational character.

Each artwork in this fine art style is realistic, classic, bold and figurative.

In contrast to the scenic collection with several species, here I will present one specific animal and show the complete body or the head only.

! The modern vintage style is new since Septembre 2019. However this new site is ‘completed’, I’m still working on new paintings and illustrations, which I will place very soon.


My goal is to add new works -almost- every day, for now mostly portraits and illustrations.


Whitin several days, you will also find a completely new webshop here, which means you can directly add one or more artworks to your shopping bag. Please note that I’m still working on new paintings and illustrations, which explains why it’s still quite ‘empty’ here.


In the meanwhile, I will thank you for your patience!

© 2014 by DALJANSSENS.

Deau Animal   Artist

Deau Wildlife Artist

Deau Horse Artist

Deau Bird Artist

Deau Animaliere

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