Completely renewed since May 2020...

Hello you,

Good to see you here!

Everything is new. And, with all that’s new, there are always little things you would rather see go… In my case: I want to create a gallery with a lot of diversity, like a jungle full of species. But, since I’m not a robot and I cannot paint 300 artworks in just a week, this dream will take some time…

This is also the reason why my gallery right now, in May 2020, is not completely filled as I want it to be. But, many artworks are coming up!

Renewed style

Since the start of this new year, I decided to give my website an update. After many years of experience, I finally found my ‘destiny’ in this, like creating wildlife paintings, as well as horses and pets, in a realistic style, also known as photorealism.

But every painting takes time and devotion. The only problem is the fact that I’m pretty chaotic, such as the desire to create too many projects in a short time, also not knowing which piece to begin with. Or, I want to create some artworks for a specific collection to make it more ‘complete’.

And again: I’m doing something else, because I couldn’t find the right ‘energy’ for a specific subject. Like the feeling of wanting Christmas in summer or warm, sunny days at the start of January. You have to do A, but plan B is on your mind. Perhaps the lack of inspiration plays also a role in it, haha!

Making plans...

So, with all these new things, my gallery is at the start of a new, artistic world full of animal species. An artistic voyage throughout the world. In the upcoming weeks and months, I will devote my life to the creating process to complete my gallery -little by little- with small paintings and big statement pieces.

For now, I will finish some artworks I’m already working on, with a focus on many paintings to come! To create as much paintings as possible in several months, and the ones I will be very pleased with, I want to work with a planning in the near future.

What this kind of planning will be, I will tell you in the upcoming post…

See you there!