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Updated: May 24, 2020

That typical moment when starting a blog and you absolutely haven't a clue what to write at this very moment. What useful is to tell. What's relevant for you -as the reader- to know. But, I will give it a shot. Starting with an introduction, divided into two chapters. Starting with the first…

Some little facts...

To begin with some little facts. I'm one of the clumsiest persons of The Netherlands since 7 November 1992. I almost constantly bump into furniture, I'm pretty chaotic and whatever can go wrong… Moving two pieces at the same time? Not a very good idea. The reason why I never aspired a career in the hospitality industry was probably because of that.

But, luckily for me, it's not all that bad. Because there is something that defines me. Something that is probably the reason why you ended up here, which I am very grateful for! And that is painting. Since I was around three years old, I picked up my first coloured pencils. I cannot say I had the talented of Caravaggio at that time because my artworks then were mostly abstract with messy lines and all kinds of -not very charming- colours, probably the same path that Kandinsky once followed...

So, I understand why my mother didn't keep all of them, even when my 'teacher' from kindergarten told my parents that 'I was talented'. My mother, looking to my pre-Kandinsky artworks with those messy lines, gave the teacher a gentle, but slightly incomprehensible smile for the compliment, because my drawings were not exactly pieces of evidence that proved those 'talented' skills…

Becoming an artist of animals...

But, any tree needs time and water to grow. And every time I picked up the same pencil, I improved my skills. I started drawing my first animals, especially horses, with all of my 20 stuffed animals around me as a personal support system… But, the horse was always my number one, my official, first love.

Since the day I was born, I always wanted to go to horses. Although my mother loves every animal, the big, majestic horse was quite intimidating… But, she knew I was going to ride a horse someday, so before I started, she took horse riding lessons herself. Nowadays, I appreciated even more that she has conquered this 'fear', especially for me, so I could live the life I always wanted. So, at the age of six, I followed her pad with full enthusiasm.

As the timed passed, going to school, playing field hockey, riding a horse, being annoying and going on trips where all kinds of activities. And, being artistic of course. But, when I received the title of 'Adult', it was time to get serious…


After trying many art styles and the admission to the St. Joost Academy of Arts in Breda, I always came back to the thing I call home: creating realistic artworks, also known as a figurative style or photorealism. I was born for it, like Van Gogh for his stripes, Monet for his ponds, Vermeer for his Pearl and Rembrandt for his Night Watch. It is what I did when I was young and that passion for -realistic- animals never fade away: it became bigger and bigger and it's what gives me the energy to wake up every morning with a full working spirit.

My artworks nowadays are known for the anatomical correctness, combined with light and shadow or a direct focus, like colourful eyes. The colours are traditional with bold compositions, so you can really speak of Modern-Classic animal art. Born in 1992 and starting as a three years old amateur, I grew up to a professional animal artist, also called an 'Animalière' in French, with a focus on horses, wildlife, birds and pets.

In the next chapter...

In the following post, my second and more personal introduction, I will tell you what I adore most. Why the love for -especially- animals and what gives me energy.

Ready? Then I would like to introduce you to the next chapter…

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