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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Do you know that feeling, when someone asks you about your 'hobbies' and suddenly, you do not know what to answer? Which is actually strange, because when your alone and taking a shower, you can give speeches that even Barack Obama would be jealous of. To get to know me better, I dedicate this introduction to everything I like or love most in this world. Starting with my ultimate love: the Animal Kingdom…

Growing up near the forest...

The love for animals is probably part of my DNA, but also the result of my childhood. As you probably know after reading my biography, I grew up in the south of The Netherlands, also known as Brabant, in the village Oisterwijk, a town close to the city of Tilburg. Oisterwijk still plays a significant part in my artistic world, since this town is known for the presences of forests areas. Many tourists are coming for the famous fens, since these watery places form the perfect habitats for many animal species, like aquatic birds, deer, hare, fox and galliformes. Near this wonderful forests, you can also visit the moorland De Kampina. With 'wild', Icelandic horses and grazing cattle, I was always surrounded by animals. So, it will probably not surprise you that, especially I was younger, this all was kind of heaven to me. And, to be honest, still is.

Although I spend my childhood mainly in the forest, at our home, we had animals as well! I had three furry Golden Retriever friends, Jonas, Beau and Pinot, chickens, mice, fishes, rabbits and pets rats (in my opinion: one of the most underrated and loving pets you can find). My aunt and uncle, also living near the forest, owned horses, so I think you can guess where I spent most of my time…

I believe that now you understand where this love for animals came from. But, not only animals are on my radar of interest...

What I love most is...

- Fresh, green tea

- The song of a Common Blackbird

- An early, sunny morning in May

- Warm, summer evening light in July

- The cozy and charming feeling of the autumn in October

- A spooky atmosphere in December

- Frozen nature

- The smell of a fireplace in the evening when standing outside

- Singing birds in the early morning and late evening

- A calling owl in the night

- The sounds of the forest

- Spotting a deer in the early morning

- Looking to a calm fen with aquatic birds

- A knocking woodpecker

- The medieval sounds of horse shoes

- The sound of heavy church bells, even though I'm not catholic or religious at all

- Freshly cut grass

- Just watered plants

- Common swifts in June and July: the ultimate sound of summer

- Gucci Bloom

- Helping animals in need, even the smallest insects

- Nature after a -summer- rainstorm

- Old gardens, probably thanks to my paternal ancestors Zocher, the famous landscape architects of the Netherlands, with creations like The Vondelpark in Amsterdam and the gardens of the palaces of King Louis Bonaparte

- Going with my best friend Linde on European city trips

- Strolling -with my best friend- in a charming park in Seville and doing absolutely nothing

- Eating pizza and drinking peace juice

- Enjoying an Italian or Spanish breakfast, like baguette with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes

- Listening to 'Les filles de mon pays', Denis Solee's Chicago and Buena Vista Social Club's Chan Chan too many times

- Dreaming of being a wine grower in the Provence, even though I don't drink alcohol for 99 percent of the time

- Cuddling animals

- Nature series from the BBC, like Planet Earth and Serengeti

- Watching historical drama series/films like Victoria, Public Works, 12 Years a Slave and Casanova

- Disney films, especially Aladdin, Bambi, The Jungle Book and The Lion King

- Art series about the life of famous artists, like Rembrandt and Me and Krabbé Zoekt...

- The arrival of the postman

- Looking at detective series, such as Father Brown, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and Endeavour Morse, also with pizza!

- Sniff around in all kinds of literature, especially art books and animal encyclopaedia - Patrick Star

The love for Mediterranean countries...

Or, what about Mediterranean countries and cultures? That kind of architecture where even a simple greengrocer is decorated with typical Spanish tiles. Where and old Greek man can sit on a stone bench under an olive tree on an idyllic square, enjoying nothing in particular. Where old, flamboyant buildings are decorating the streets instead of unpersonal, modern complexes, even if those buildings would be safer. Where palm and olives trees are just as common as Dutch bicycles by the canals of Amsterdam. Where Rome still has the classic heritage of buildings older than the emperors who once ruled the world… 'Be as normal as you could be, because you are crazy enough already.' Well, that's typical Dutch and not something I stand for. And, luckily, the Mediterranean countries agree with me. Those theatrical, baroque interiors of Venetian residences. Or, Arabic-inspired palaces in Andalusia where each pillar is decorated to the square centimetres with dozens of details. Isn't that absolutely wonderful? Probably, I like this all because I have some -far- Italian blood myself…

And, last but not least: Taking a lovely nap after a long day!

In the upcoming blog posts...

I believe this summery will give you quite an impression of me as the artist. With these two introductions, I hope you got to know me a little better, as far as that's possible with only a digital story…

The upcoming blog posts will be more informative, like a progression or the -sometimes the sad- story behind the artwork. And, don't be afraid: not with the length of these introductions, haha!

I want to thank you very much for taking the time of reading all of this and getting to know me a little bit better. For now, I will end this story, with in the future many others to come, hopefully with you as a reader by my side…

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

I hope to see you soon,


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