July 2020: What's coming?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The last couple of months were quite hectic and didn’t give me the time to write some posts. It was also a period of ‘What do I really want?’, as in: ‘What do I like most to paint and what doesn’t work for me?’

At first, I came to the realisation, based on my feelings while painting, that Africa and the European/North American forests are the most pleasing themes for me, as well as big cats, when it comes to wild animals. It’s what gives me energy without having an explanation for it. So, what does that mean for the future?

Planning July 2020

In the upcoming weeks, like July, August and half of September, I will be focused on -mostly- African animals, such as the:

- Kudu female

- African leopard

- Burchell’s zebra’s

- Cape buffalo

- Lion female

- Southern yellow-billed hornbill

- Peralta giraffe

- Kudu male

- Cheetah

- Serengeti Thomson gazelle

Although I don’t want to think about it in the season of summer, when all of these animals are painted, autumn will welcome us all. When this season has started, I will leave the African theme for a while.

At the beginning of (half) September, I will be focused on the enchanted forest with famous inhabitants like deer, fox, galliformes and hare, as well as some dog and horse portraits and, probably more around November/December, countryside animals, like chickens, sheep and cattle. But, more of that will be told in upcoming blog posts!

So for now, let's explore the beauty of Africa!