May: The Planning For Upcoming Months...

Updated: May 24, 2020

As I told you in the previous post, I’m going to work with a planning. This means that some categories will be on hold for a while. Although I want a gallery full of different species, sometimes it is better to focus on just a few things instead of ‘all’.

Because I cannot do it ‘all at once’, not even spoken about the additional pressure that comes with it, I have to create some focus points.

So, what’s the plan?

The plan is to focus on summer! What does that mean? That means that, for upcoming months, I will give my time and attention to the categories that gives us all a summer feeling. Think of…

- African Safari

- Caribbean Colours

- Jungle & Rainforest

Alright! But, what can I expect?

The categories for upcoming months can be described as tropical: the animals that I’m going to paint, live in warm climates, ranging from the African savannah to the Asian and South American jungle to the coastal and forests areas of the Caribbean.

Tropical birds, antelopes, big cats, zebra’s and giraffes: let’s be exotic for a while!

Another category that will get some attention is The Green Garden. In other words: the summer garden full of garden birds and other small creatures. Think of the robin, blackbird, finch, sparrow and other flying little friends.

Exotic summer

The upcoming months, speaking of June, July and August, will be dedicated to exotic and tropical animals to provide the feeling of summer. And, to work more seasonal.

In the upcoming posts on the other hand, I will tell you more about the animals I’m going paint, such as ‘Did you know that…’ to connect art with some little ‘education’.

For now, let's get to work...