November 22, 2020: Time for a change...

May 2020: I had this dream of painting all kinds of animals from all over the world. It was very clear to me: in a certain amount of time I would have several collections (maybe not as completed as I wanted them to be), all with their own specific species...

Dream or Nightmare?

But, when I started 'that journey', I just came to the realisation that maybe the dream was better than the reality. If I think about the huge amount of work, as well as making these artworks I don't feel 'that connection' with, it kind of overwhelms me in a negative way. So, sometimes it's better to keep the dream alive instead of turning it into a slight nightmare…

I will not elaborate on what I like and dislike, because I don't see the added value of it. Everything has its own charm and I believe it's best to leave it that way – no matter how I feel about it. Does that mean I will never paint 'those animals?' No, I think that's too early to say. Too final. For now, I only want to focus on breeds or species I feel 'connected to'…

Upcoming artworks

So, what will it be from now on? This autumn and winter will be the seasons of horses, farm animals and forest species. When the sun starts to shine more often in 2021, I will make plans for my new African collection, and -to a lesser extent- Asian animals.

I'm also thinking of a collection about the Middle East & India, but again: I think it's better not to plan too many things at once. That will be a spring collection to look forward to…

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