The collection of wildlife art represents all kind of species of the animal kingdom, especially focused on the African savannah, Asian jungle, tropical birds and European forest. Other continents, like Australia and North-America, will be painted too, only less often than the aforementioned categories. 



Africa is one of the most beloved continents, partly due to its nature and wildlife. Highlighted locations as the Masaai Mara and Ambolesia in Kenya, the Kruger and Kahalari from South Africa, Namibia's Ethosa, Zambia's South Luangwa, the Chobe and Moremi Game from Botswana and, my personal favourite, the Serengeti of Tanzania: all of these National Parks are the habitats of thousands of animals.


And, where the Serengeti is the home of the Masai giraffe, the endagered subspecie the Thornicrofts is only native to Zambia. So, every area is completely unique. This collection of African wildlife is full of exotic animals, like the zebra, buffalo, giraffe, cheetah, elephant, antelopes, leopard, rhino and lion, famous for their unique coats or aesthetic beauty, painted in their own kind of habitat in a minimalistic chic fine art style.


All of the other continents, such as Australia, North America, South America and areas like Artica and Antarctica, also have their own kind own species, ranging from forest animals to tropical birds and big cats. These species will be painted too, but not as often as the other continents, partly because of some common animals, like Europe and North America, but also to reduce the pressure of 'making it all in a short time', because in my opinion: rest and full attention will give the best results for very painting. It absolutely will be painted too, but with a bit more 'time in between' than the other continents...

Thank you for understanding!

Deer, fox, hares and galliformes: the European wildlife, might seen not as exotic as Africa and Asia, but has a certain power of its own. The forest animals of this continents are often used for classic and rustic paintings, the ones that can be found in a French chateau or an old English manor, inspired by the chic countryside, especially popular by the nobility. The collection of European wildlife is painted in a rustic and sophisticated fine art style.

The Asian wildlife collection is, just like Africa and Europe, unique of its own. Here, you find a wide range of animals  with a high focus on species like big cats, such as the leopard and tiger, but also elephants, ungulates and lots of tropical birds. Countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and China, but also areas as the Middle East: they are the homes to thousands of species. In the Asian wildlife collection, you will find a high diversity of exotic animals, painted in a realistic fine art style.

A big part of the wildlife art collection consists of birds, ranging from tropical species of the rainforest, like parrots, hornbills and toucans, to forest birds, like owls and singing birds, to the aquatic ones, such as flamingo's and pinguïns, to the order of galliformes, like pheasants and grouse. Every continent or even country has its own types of birds, ranging from popular and common to endagered and rare, which makes every bird unique as is it. All of the birds will be painted in a realistic, fine art, vintage style, inspired by the old masters John James Audubon, John Gould and Melchior d'Hondecoeter.


All the scenic artworks of DEAU are painted in a modern vintage and realistic fine art style, partly inspired by the antique prints from the 18th and 19th century. 

By every sold artwork of wildlife art, a part will be donated to animal organisations as  

Stichting Aap, WWF, IFAW and World Animal Protection.



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