A painting from the beginning till the end: What was the inspiration and why is it special? Every artwork starts with a story. My art style is realistic, but also inspired by the animal kingdom itself, looking at all the beautiful differences between the inhabitants of this planet...


My figurative art style represents all kinds of animals in a realistic way, such as photorealism. I prefer a realistic style to emphasize the natural beauty and unique characteristics of an animal. With many species and breeds on our  planet, I want to show you all those magnificent differences through art. Those differences that makes a breed or specie just thát special. A giraffe is not 'just a giraffe', but a specie of its own, like the Rothschild, Masai or Reticulated. The basis is the same, but the features are different... 

When a painting gets a background story, it suddenly starts to live, which also creates a -deeper- connection between the artwork and spectator.


A part of my artworks, especially the pet and equestrian paintings, are inspired by cultural manifestations with a focus on areas of the Oriental world, like the Middle East and India, but also Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy. It gives you the feeling of Arabian Nights or the charme of the Spanish baroque. Culture is what gives our world colour. Colour I would like you to see through art. We must not compare, but appreciate things all by its own, fascinating beauty.


My main influencers have become John Gould and John James Audubon, an ornithologist, naturalist and creator of The Birds of America, followed by other animal artists, such as George Stubbs, Melchior d'Hondecoeter and Alfred Munnings.  For the acrylic style, the Old Masters, like Vermeer and Rembrandt, became valuable sources of inspiration because of their interesting way of working with the light, also known as chiaroscuro. All artworks are painted in a realistic fine art and figurative art style.


As an animalière / animal artist, I only paint animals when it comes to commissions. For human portraits,

I  recommend figurative painter and my best-of-all friend Aquarellinde.

Thank you for understanding!


DEAU only works with high quality materials, such as prominent brands like Golden, Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Mijello Mission Gold,  Clairefontaine and Fabriano and Saunders Waterford. The watercolor paper is aging resistant. The colours of the paintings are very bright and lightfast, which means they will keep their original tones for decades...


DEAU is fully against animal cruelty or even the slightest form of abusements: This means that even the brushes, to create the artworks, are completely syntheticNo animal hair is used.


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