All of the DEAU animal paintings and illustrations started with a style, story and vision.

Over the years, I've tried many things, ranging from more abstract to impressionism to realistic figurative.  As you probably can guess, I wasn't happy with all of my experiences because I always went back to the more realistic forms. Many times 'it wasn't that...'  But, I have found a satisfying compromis. And, because of that one moment in Seville...


When I went to Seville, I was walking in one of the city center streets. Suddenly, I came across an interior shop with a vintage looking animal print, in this case a green parrot. To me, it was captivating and I created an adoration for the antique prints and vintage paintings of the 18th, 19th and early 20th century.


My main influencer of that time has become John James Audubon, an ornithologist, naturalist and creator of

The Birds of America, followed by other animal artists, such as George Stubbs and Charles d'Orbigny. Besides the vintage look, both collections, scenic and portrait, are painted in a realistic fine art and figurative art style.

Every painting starts with a story. A story that might have happened centuries ago or even just a couple of days... When telling the story, many people try to get 'a picture of it'.

And for me, imagination is kind of a holy word. With the scenic paintings, the goal is to bring those imaginated stories to life, like looking into a moment.


When a painting gets a story, it suddenly starts to live. You will discover more of it, perhaps through recognition, or will be more connected instead of

'just seeing a painting...'

With a lot of animal species on our beautiful planet, I want to show you all those magnificent differences.



Several paintings in my collections are inspired by cultures, especially the equestrian themed artworks. Cultures brings colour into our world and shows us all the beautiful differences we have on this planet. Where the Oriental world looks mystical and colourful, the European cultures are often classic, such as the refined Spanish and Italian baroque. 




As an animal artist, I only paint animals when it comes to commissions. Very occassionally I will paint human artists, but only in an illustrative form of art.

Thank you for understanding!


DEAU only works with high quality materials, such as prominent brands like Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Schmincke, Daler Rowney, Mijello Mission Gold, Bockingford, Clairefontaine, Canson and Saunders Waterford. So is the paper aging resistant. The colours of the paintings are very bright and lightfast, which means they will keep their original tones for decades...


DEAU uses mixed media materials to create the artworks, such as watercolor or gouache paint for the basic tones, combined with charcoal, pencils, pastels, pen or

Indian ink.


DEAU is fully against animal cruelty or even the slightest form of abusements: This means that even the brushes, to create the artworks, are completely synthetic.

No animal hair is used.

By every sold artwork, DEAU will donate a part to several Dutch animal rescue organisations, such as Stichting Aap & DierenLot. With these paintings, you're not only buying 'something for yourself', you will also help animals in need.

On behalf of DEAU and the animals,

thank you very much!

© 2014 by DALJANSSENS.

Deau Animal   Artist

Deau Wildlife Artist

Deau Horse Artist

Deau Bird Artist

Deau Animaliere

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